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Chef Rubber Fall 2019 Transfer Sheet Collection
Dia de Lost Muertos Transfer Sheets From Chef Rubber
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Dipping Forks 10pc Set From Chef Rubber
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Chef Rubber provides Artisan Chefs the finest components with which
one refines creative inspiration.

From ingredients to colorants, silicone moulds, to airbrushing tools and specialty equipment, Chef Rubber is your destination.




Plastic plates, plastic cups & utensils, wooden cones, picks, bamboo ware, wooden utensils, skewers…
Whatever the need, visit our Catering Supplies Area




Whether you’re a chocolatier, a confectioner, pastry chef or a culinary artist, you’ll find access to beautiful high quality colored cocoa butter, gel color, pearl powder, airbrush color and more in the Chef Rubber Colorant Area.


Be it an airbrush, a wood smoker or even a molecular gastronomy kit, you need the right tool for the job! So head over to our Tools & Equipment Area



Made from our exclusive top quality, vividly colored cocoa butter, our huge collection of transfer sheets offers inspirational designs to satisfy the vision of any culinary artist.


We carry the highest quality silicone, polycarbonate and magnetic moulds. Also, our silicone moulds are produced in-house!
Why do you think we’re called Chef Rubber?
You simply won’t find better moulds anywhere.



Savory powders, flavorings, gourmet salts, chocolate, plus every additive you’ll ever need- explore our Ingredients Area.


We know you’re obsessed with keeping the kitchen stocked. You’ll never run out of plastic rolls and plastic strips, or come up empty on Magic Freeze Spray if Chef Rubber can help it. Head over to our Supplies Area and stock up!



Ah the little details – dragees, gold leaf, wafer paper and more… This is where your culinary vision takes its final form.
Visit our Finishing Touches Area.