Invertase is an enzyme that is commonly used to make liquid centers and invert sugar in candy making. It is usually derived from yeast and is sold either as a clear liquid or as a powder that can be dissolved in water.When added to sucrose (table sugar), invertase breaks down the sugar into a mixture of glucose and fructose, commonly called "invert sugar" or "inverted sugar syrup." Invert sugar is frequently used in commercial baking and candy recipes because it keeps baked goods moist for longer periods of time.

When invertase is added to sugar candy recipes, like fondant candy fillings, it gradually liquefies the fondant. This is one way of producing the liquid center in candies like cherry cordials. The reaction takes a few days to occur, so you should plan on a waiting period when making liquid centers with invertase.

The exact amount of invertase needed depends on many factors, including the strength and preparation of the invertase, the temperature of the environment, and the recipe itself. As a very general rule, you should add between 1/4 tsp - 1 tsp of invertase per pound of fondant.

The invertase itself should be stored in the refrigerator for longevity. Cold temperatures slow the invertase reaction, so candies with invertase should be stored at room temperature instead of in the refrigerator, for the best and fastest results.

NOTE: Invertase Maxinvert MUST be shipped overnight to maintain a cool temperature and the product's effectiveness. 

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