Don’t let the majestic flavors you’ve assembled go unappreciated due to dull colors!


When you venture into the world of chocolate jewels, aka, colored bon-bons, you venture upon the realm of gods. You’ll be needing the absolute highest quality, most vibrantly colored cocoa butter available. Guess what… we have that!

It’s well known that the perfect macaron is an elusive ends, even for a seasoned pastry chef. So many factors can ruin the batch, but gorgeous, intense color doesn’t have to be one of them, not with our macaron color.

A display cake, whether for window dressing or a competition, must shine and dazzle in a variety of lighting conditions and for who knows how long? Lucky for the most particular decorator, Chef Rubber produces only the best Liquid Luster.

Be sure to take a look at our fine powdered colors too! We have both water soluble and fat dispersible.



Because we’re such visual creatures, the value of rich, dazzling color in the culinary realm can’t be under-appreciated. That’s why the production team at Chef Rubber goes to great extents to bring you the highest quality colorants available. So go ahead, paint the flavors of your creation with great joy!


Let us color your imagination!

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