Where to begin? This is a big category with a ton of interesting possibilities for the artisan chef.


Maybe pastry is your passion, and a lot of your customers are asking about vegan custards. So here you are (and we’re glad), probably looking for a pound of good quality Agar Agar.

Or you’re an edgy mixologist and took the leap into molecular gastronomy, and now everyone wants in on your spirited creations. Go ahead and stock up on plenty of Calcium Lactate.

So your experiment in house-made ice-cream has your bistro’s regulars asking for more. Well, no reason to stop now! But you’ll need to buy more Ice Cream Stabilizer asap.

Life is pretty sweet with Chef Rubber in your corner, but, with our line of gourmet salts and savory powders, we’ve got you covered on the other side of the flavor spectrum as well!



You already know the end result of your creative efforts has everything to do with what you put in to it. We at Chef Rubber couldn’t agree more. This is why we never cut corners on the quality of our ingredients, because we know you wouldn’t do that either.

We want to be your source for greatness!

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