We talk a lot about your vision taking shape on this site. But now we mean it literally!


Chocolate Moulds

Ever wonder how your favorite chocolatier makes such perfectly shaped, glossy bon bons or truffles?
Speculate no more!
Discover the diverse world of Professional Grade Polycarbonate and Magnetic Moulds, designed to lend a helping hand (in this case, shape!) to bring your chocolate confections to life. Whether you’re a bean-to-bar chocolate factory or a budding confectioner, Chef Rubber has you covered! These high-quality polycarbonate moulds are designed to last a lifetime with proper care and are stackable for high volume production.

Paint them, spray them, buff them, pair them with our ultra high quality chocolate transfer sheets—the possibilities are endless!

Food Grade Silicone Moulds

There’s something to be said about quality. Chef Rubber is in the business of providing the highest quality of innovative supplies and ingredients, and that includes our carefully hand poured silicone moulds. We offer a vast array of specifically designed moulds to cast, shape, and form confectionery, dessert and savory components! Our moulds withstand temperatures up to 400 F and work well for freezing applications; perfect for any sugar artist, confectioner and artisan chef alike! Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us for custom made moulds, designed to meet your singular needs and expectations!

Mould Making Supplies

Have a specific design you absolutely need to get your hands on?
Or are you just curious about the mold making process?
Use our Sili-trix to tap into your inner designer and create moulds your way! Be in control of the entire process, from conception to execution. There’s nothing more satisfying than impressing your clients and colleagues with a concept you’ve personally created and brought to life!

Whether you’re rigid, flexible or a self-starter in your approach to moulds in your work,
Chef Rubber is on the scene and ready to serve!



You already know the end result of your creative efforts has a lot to do with the quality of tools you choose. We at Chef Rubber couldn’t agree more. This is why we never cut corners on the quality of our silicone, polycarbonate and magnetic moulds, because we know you wouldn’t do that either.


We want to be your source for greatness!

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