Not the most glamorous category, but where would culinary artists be without them?

Your chocolate sculpture vision requires dozens and dozens of chocolate decorations emblazoning the outer body. You can craft those on our high quality acetate sheets. And of course affix them using our signature freeze spray.

You’ve completed perhaps your finest sugar sculpture (using our isomalt sticks of course), but you need to ship it to a humid coastal region. Don’t take any chances. Pick up plenty of our dessicant products and add some to one of our shipping boxes for a safe and dry delivery.

Layer after layer of silky mousse, butter cake and fruit. Don’t set your customers up for a delicious mess on the drive home. Wrap that beauty in our acetate strips, aka cake rings. They’ll thank you for it next time!

Don’t get caught short when time is of the essence,
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Chef Rubber is committed keeping the much appreciated pâtissiers and confectioners in our customer base well stocked, well into the future. So place an order today, and we’ll happily get right on it!


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